Studies have shown that teaching a second language to children at an early age greatly improves their chances of achieving fluency and a native-like accent.  Our Spanish teachers are native Spanish speakers and have extensive Montessori experience.

Early Childhood

In the Early Childhood Program, the children at MCHL attend Spanish class once a week.  Spanish is learned through games, puzzles, songs, stories, puppets, and books.  The curriculum includes numbers (1 to 20), colors, farm animals, holiday celebrations and family, parts of the body, clothing, food (especially fruits and veggies), shapes, seasons, and favorite places. 


In the Kindergarten Program, the children attend Spanish class twice a week.  By this time, the children’s vocabulary has advanced enough that grammar and phonetics are introduced to them.  The children create their own books, learn to play board games in Spanish, and make projects to take home.   

Bilingual Program

In addition to our small group Spanish classes, MCHL offers parents the option to enroll their children in a Spanish/English bilingual education program.  Our lead teacher is a certified Montessori teacher with over 17 years of preschool experience. The assistant teacher is also a native Spanish speaker who has taught in a Montessori environment for years. The children are introduced to the Spanish language by conversation, songs, and frequent vocabulary repetition on a daily basis.  The children are always encouraged to respond to the teachers in Spanish. The children do daily calendar activities in Spanish and instructions are given in Spanish with as little translation as possible.  Singing songs is one of the best ways for children to have fun while learning a language and is a regular part of the school day.

Lessons such as language, math, sensorial, and geography are given in English.  The lessons are presented in English to ensure the children understand the lessons while maximizing their ability to be successful in their work.  This combination of English/Spanish has been well received and the children leave MCHL with a firm foundation of a second language.