The kindergarten program at MCHL is full day - 8:30 - 3:00. The children spend the morning in their respective early childhood mixed age classes. Being the oldest members of the early childhood class fosters self-confidence and leadership as they are occasionally asked to assist their younger classmates. During the morning class the kindergarteners work throughout the classroom, under the careful guidance of our teachers. Lessons are individualized to meet each child's abilities. One child might be mastering how to tie his shoes while another is writing a story. After lunch, the kindergarteners work in groups of approximately fifteen children with two Montessori teachers. The curriculum offers the children a rich variety that includes language arts, math, geography, science, art, music and spanish.

Special field trips are planned for the kindergarteners throughout the year, including an annual visit to the Kennedy Center. Occasionally, assignments are given to the children to do at home with the assistance of a parent, such as measuring items in the home or creating a project that illustrates one hundred. Our primary goal is to instill a love of learning as well as provide a strong academic foundation. We strive to nurture flexible thinkers and creative problem solvers. Parents of our alumni have assured us that their children have excelled in both the local private and public schools, thanks to the rich curriculum and philosophy of MCHL.