Ages 6 weeks to 18 months

The Infant program follows the Montessori philosophy for infant education which recognizes that infants have sensitive periods of development, those times when a child appears to almost effortlessly learn new skills.  Maria Montessori named these sensitive periods: movement, order and language.  We have a Montessori certified infant teacher to lead the class, who provides the stimulation, guidance, and nurturing each child needs during these sensitive periods.

Our infant classroom provides ample opportunities for children to crawl or walk as they explore their environment.  There is a variety of sensory and perceptual experiences, as well as equipment and materials that support large and small motor development.  Language development activities include staff reading, talking, singing, showing and naming objects, and engaging in positive interactions with each child (smiling, cuddling, etc.).

For each infant, a daily record is maintained and shared with parents which contains the following information: amount of time the infant slept, amount of food consumed and the time, description and time of diaper changes,  developmental milestones, and the amount of tummy time for infants who do not yet turn over by themselves.

The Infant program is designed for children ages 6 weeks to 18 months.  We maintain a child to teacher ratio of 3:1.