MCHL is pleased to offer two types of installment contracts: 10 month installment and year round 12 month installment.

The 10-installment contract for the 2017-18 school year is from 8/28/17 through 6/15/18. The year round 12-installment contract is for 6/19/17 through 6/15/18.

Tuition is paid in monthly installments due on the 1st of the month. After the 10th of the month, a $25.00 late payment fee will be assessed.

Enrolling siblings will receive a 5% tuition discount. The discount is applies to the lesser of the tuitions paid.

Tuition will be prorated for any student enrolling during the school year.

A written thirty day notice of your intention to withdraw your child is required.

Optional hot lunch (regular or vegetarian) is available for an additional charge.