"A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind, touches a heart,
and shapes the future."

The teachers at MCHL are known for establishing a nurturing environment that provides daily challenges and positive reinforcement for the students. Children thrive because of the strong relationships they form with their teachers and classmates. The MCHL staff reflects a wealth of education, experience and cultural diversity. At MCHL, all lead teachers as well as many of the assistants, are certified by the American Montessori Society or an AMS approved program. Most of the lead teachers have well over ten years of classroom experience and have worked together at MCHL for many years. MCHL prides itself in having a very low turnover in staff.

The two directors of MCHL are unique in the Montessori community. From the beginning, they have been full time teachers, dedicated to providing the best learning environment for children, and they have directed the administrative operations of the school. As parents of children who attended Montessori schools, the directors of MCHL appreciate the foundation a Montessori education provides and can relate to the everyday concerns of parents.